LATO Lapsa recognized as a suspect in the case of hacking e-mail

On Wednesday, the security Police announced known publicist, LATO the Collapse of a suspect in the criminal case for the publication of electronic correspondence journalist Leonid Yakobson in the book “Another kitchen: legitimate under the “roof”. As reported Lapsa, he had been in a mental hospital, where he was found a suspect on charges of violation of the secrecy of correspondence. For this crime faces up to two years in prison or forced labour, or a fine. For lapsi not installed any measure of restraint. To give evidence he refused.

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The leader of the “Right sector” announced the formation of a special battalion group of road Donbass”

The presidential candidate of Ukraine, leader of “the Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh announced the formation of the representatives of the Donetsk region of special battalion group of road Donbass”. About this jarosch said on Wednesday at a press conference in Odessa, reports UNIAN. “The battalion, we will create in the shortest time – I hope that in three days. The battalion will consist of approximately 800 people. Many of the residents of Donbas has come to us with a request to “Right branch” came and gave the order,” said Yarosh.

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Floor GOV: Putin can use Latvia to check the reaction of NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin may use Latvia to check the reaction of NATO warns American analyst and expert on the former USSR Floor GOV. “Given Putin’s words about the fact that NATO expansion to the East it considers illegal, especially the entry in the block of the Baltic States, as well as manifesting now the activity of Russia in Latvia, the question arises: will the Russian leader to weaken NATO here,” writes GOV.

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Many years the Director of the Chancellery of the Sejm Staines get fired

The Presidium of the Sejm today on a private meeting has decided to start the procedure of termination of labor relations with many years of parliamentary Director of the office Maris Staines. This decision was made in connection with violations in its work. The Presidium will turn to the Latvian trade Union of workers of state administration, local governments, state enterprises and financial workers with a request to give consent to the dismissal of Staines.

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The result of drinking: made all valuables; stole a car

In Vidzeme registered two similar episodes. In both cases, the trouble can be avoided if the victims were able to stop in time. As reported in the Vidzeme regional police Department, the first episode occurred in the parish Horse. There after forty degrees feast with unidentified individuals apartment owner was deprived of the TV Philips, Sat decoder, camera, Kodak, vacuum cleaner Bomann, drills and other things. Damage to the victim assessed in 576,75 euros. On the fact of the incident is begun criminal trial.

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In Riga will increase the number of flights minibuses, route some changes

Taking into account the recommendations of the passengers and the evaluation of the number of passengers on different days, in Riga on may 6, will be changed several routes of minibuses, and also increased the number of their flights. Such changes at the request of the carrier enterprise Rigas mikroautobusu satiksme approved the Commission of the Riga city Council (KMG) on licensing of passenger transportations, have informed portal Delfi in EP. Will increase the number of flights on 206 route “Bus station – Jugla – Mezciems”that night by the customers and employees of the shopping centre Alfa was convenient to get home. Will increase significantly and the number of flights to 216 route Center – Kengarags”: minibuses will run more often, traffic intensity will increase to 54 flights.

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Video: driver threatened police weapon, ran in the opposite direction and hit a pole

Traffic police on Monday April 21, was detained old driver, who threatened them with weapons, and then tried to escape, but was Dogan and eventually hit a pole, according gospelize. In Riga, in Teika, traffic police stopped Audi, going with the included headlights. When the police approached the vehicle, the driver has sent the gun at them, and then jerked forward.

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The Verkhovna Rada proposed to arrest accounts of Russian banks

Acting leader of the faction “Fatherland” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Serhiy Sobolev told journalists the details about the meeting of the leaders of the parliamentary factions with the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden arrived in Kiev on a working visit. Among other issues, American politician discussed with Ukrainian colleagues the issues of improvement of the Ukrainian economy and fight corruption. Sobolev proposed to solve both problems at one stroke, imposing sanctions against Russian banks, which sponsor terrorism”. “I openly raised the question that the issue of the fight against corruption cannot decide if this issue is connected with the arrest of the accounts, including banking institutions of the Russian Federation, which Finance today terrorism”, – quotes the words of the Deputy of the “Telegraph”.

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on April 23. The US troops will stay in Latvia until the new year, Rubiks – “dangerous” candidate, may be warm

On Wednesday, 23 April, it became known that a company of paratroopers U.S. army will stay In Latvia until at least the end of 2014, while candidate MEPs from Latvia Alfred Rubiks was “antihero” reputation rating according to the Society for openness Delna. About these and other news in the traditional review of the portal Delfi.

Delna believes Rubiks of the most “dangerous” for the candidate

Zadornov: attempts to deprive me of the residence permit is a spring exacerbation of schizophrenia

In the Donetsk region have found the body of local Deputy, who was kidnapped and tortured

Senator: if Russia will invade Ukraine, sanctions will destroy its economy

Mir accused Tsilevich in aiding nationalist

Fenolov told what will be the weather in may

Forecasters: spring warmth retreats, at night – frost

PHOTO: the building of the KGB are getting ready to welcome visitors

The thieves cut the lights of the body of the BMW X6

The power of social networks: the new York city police failed shots of the police lawlessness

PR-action of the police Department of new York in the social network Twitter has led to the opposite result: responding to the call to publish photos with the police, users sent thousands of images from the hard detention, beating and shooting, reports The Guardian. The proposal to publish photos with the hashtag #myNYPD was published at the beginning of this week, and caused an unprecedented user activity. The day was published about 70 000 tweets, and at some moments the speed of publication reached 10 000 messages per hour.

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